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Our Story

We are Reilly’s – a second generation family-owned retailer located in Bendigo. Our parents Kevin & Marlene Reilly started the business in 1981 in our previous store on the corner of Hargreaves and Mundy Street.

The business was originally a mum and dad store, expanding as the years progressed from 3 to 5 to 8 to 10 staff. Over that time we saw it all, from Commodore 64s to colour television replacing the old black and whites. Bendigo and the world has changed a great deal.

My brother and I joined the business shortly after it began. Since then, we have expanded to our current store where we proudly display one of Country Victoria’s largest range of whitegoods from the world’s best brands.

Australia is now the flavour of choice for brands from Europe looking to expand – and a lot of these are looking for partners outside of the normal chain stores to get their product to market. This is why we can provide such a unique mix of mainstream and specialty brands.

Our stock is unique – you can enter a chain store in any city in any state and the store layout , products and featured brands will be identical.

As an independent store, we can deal with other brands that offer unique products that we like. And as a part of a national buying group, we have the power to buy from brands directly.

A question we get from time to time is how do we compete with the larger stores that offer special web prices and a constant stream of weekend and four day sales?

The answer is that we are always competitively priced. We can do this because our overheads are a lot lower, we are fortunate enough to own our own building, and we close on Sundays.

We also offer good old fashioned service and staff that actually enjoy their job.

Kind regards,

Glenn & Dean Reilly


Family Owned

We are a proud family-owned business. From our opening in 1981 as a mum and dad store to today–with one of country Victoria’s largest appliance showrooms–family has always been at the heart of Reilly’s.

Our stock is unique. You won’t see the same range of standard appliances you see at all the chain stores. We deal directly with premium appliance brands so we can offer unique products that we believe in.

Reilly’s has been a locally-owned Bendigo business since we opened in 1981. We know Bendigo has changed a lot in that time and we have changed with it. That is why we offer the latest appliances from the world’s top brands.

As an independent business, we know how important it is to stay competitive. We have lower overheads than the big chains and we pass those savings on to you. Come see for yourself!

We are conscious of our impact on the environment & have made efforts towards being carbon neutral with the installation of 100 solar panels.

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